About Me

My name is Gary Michael Slane. I have lived in Montana for most of my life. My wife and I lived in Bozeman, Montana for 19 years. This allowed me the opportunity to have close access to Yellowstone Park and all of Montana's rich resources of wildlife and Montana's beauty. I have a passion for the outdoors, nature, and wildlife. Photography helps me to capture and express the emotions and excitement of the moments that I experience while enjoying wild Montana places. Moments that I like to share with others.        

With first light, the sun  paints the landscape with beautiful textures and colors. That is the time when the wildlife begins to stir, and the songs of nature begin..


I now live in Billings, Montana.

The beauty in nature is created by the timing of the event. It can simply just be the light, cast across the landscape in the cool, still morning air. Or it can be a pair of grizzlies walking together through a lush green meadow in the spring. Nature has many splendid surprises in store for anyone that can take the time to seek out it's secret treasures. They become memories that are not easily forgotten, to be enjoyed throughout a lifetime.